Our Solutions

You invest in technology for a reason: You want results. But in a rapidly evolving tech climate, how can you balance today’s goals with future needs? With our forward-thinking approach and a constant focus on security, innovation and reliability, Force 3 and its experts tackle every project with your mission in mind. From enterprise networking to mobility, collaboration, data center or next-generation technologies, we offer solutions designed to help your organization thrive—not just today, but for the long-term.

The Force 3 Commitment

Best Practice, Best Outcomes: A Five-Phase Approach

Our clients serve critical missions, often affecting the well-being of millions. At Force 3, we believe you and your stakeholders deserve the best outcomes for the best value. That’s why our comprehensive, five-phase approach encompasses the entire project lifecycle, from start to finish. 

Assessment & Evaluation
We work closely with you to assess your needs and desired outcomes.
Through a thorough discovery process, we create a project schedule and management plan, complete with a detailed timeline, task and deliverables lists and a high-level, preliminary blueprint for your project’s design.
We develop a comprehensive solution designed to meet your specific needs and goals.
Next, we configure, integrate and deploy your solution in your environment, based on the design specifications. We also work closely with you and your team to ensure a thorough knowledge transfer, along with any necessary continued support.
Project Close
Because your success is critical to us, we value your input and want to hear about your experience and results. That’s why we close every project by asking for your feedback and assessing each project’s overall success.