Security Challenges for Federal IT

Skills Gaps

Skilled cyber security professionals are in short supply. To keep pace with evolving cyber threats, federal IT teams need solutions that reduce necessary manpower through automation and orchestration.

Complex Requirements

Agencies face a host of security regulations. Maintaining compliance requires a flexible, scaleable security architecture that allows IT teams to quickly meet new demands as they arise.


Armed with limited resources, federal agencies often struggle to embrace innovation. Maintaining the strongest security posture requires a comprehensive approach and best-in-breed solutions.

Our Approach

The Information Security Framework

Security solutions and services from Force 3 focus not only on protecting your assets, but also your mission and the people who rely on you to achieve it. Designed using NIST* Risk Management Framework (RMF) guidelines, the Force 3 Information Security Framework focuses on four main categories: network security, vulnerability management, access control and security event management.

Our comprehensive approach helps our clients develop strategies designed with best practices and best outcomes constantly in mind—along with a constant focus on value, efficiency and regulatory compliance.

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Access Control

Access control is more challenging than ever. With the number and types of devices connected to the network multiplying daily, today’s overburdened IT teams must control access to their networks while defending against a near-constant onslaught of threats and risks.

Security Information & Event Management

Security information and event management aggregates data from a wide variety of security and networking products, giving you the visibility you need. Our SIEM solutions comprehensively aggregate data from across your network into one centralized solution.

Network Security

With threats constantly evolving, yesterday’s network security practices won’t suffice. A proactive strategy with customized solutions designed to prevent and respond to the increasing volume and complexity of these threats is required.

Vulnerability Management

Ensuring network security requires a robust vulnerability management solution—one that combines full network visibility with comprehensive, proactive approaches to managing and eliminating potential vulnerabilities.

Security Services


Force 3 experts work with your team to design, deploy and implement security solutions that suit your needs and mission. We look for every opportunity to integrate your new and existing solutions to maximize your investments.


Force 3 offers services for federal agencies who need ongoing support to address security incidents and skills gaps. We understand your security demands, your challenges and your support needs.


Whether you need to bolster your security operations center staff or require support for a long-term security project, Force 3 provides onsite, resident experts with the necessary skillsets, certifications and security clearances.

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Data Sheet

The Force 3 Security Stack

A good defense strategy involves more than a single solution: It requires a comprehensive, well-integrated security stack, with each solution working in tandem with the next to help you achieve full visibility, regulatory compliance and the best possible use of your resources and manpower.

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Cisco ISE Use Case: U.S. Forest Service

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