Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Application Challenges for Federal IT

Poorly Performing Applications

Even the most advanced agencies aren’t immune to application outages. Whether it’s a database failure or problematic application code, troubleshooting is challenging, and outages can disrupt an agency’s mission.

Software Adoption & Deployment

Federal agencies often find themselves making massive software purchases, only to discover they lack a strategy to fully deploy and adopt it. The consequence? Wasted money and no return on investment.

Legal & Regulatory Compliance

Making the most of your software applications requires a strategic approach to deployment, adoption and use. Failing to understand your software or how to implement and adopt it can result in audits, penalties and fines.

Our Approach

Software Management Methodology

Today more than ever, organizations face growing demands to produce meaningful outcomes, without sacrificing efficiency or increasing costs. From networking and security to analytics, cloud computing, storage and more, today’s software solutions promise unsurpassed speed, agility and results.

Enterprise solutions from Force 3 are designed to promote maximum productivity and to help drive overall mission success. Maximizing your investment requires a new and holistic approach, one that spans the entire software lifecycle and applications stack and that ensures your organization is prepared to maximize its enterprise applications. Whether your agency is looking to modernize, increase productivity or heighten security, Force 3 is committed to providing the best solutions for your mission.

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Application Performance Management

Get a meaningful, comprehensive analysis of your application stack. Streamline problem resolution, reduce mean time to repair and speed diagnostic collaboration between teams with a single pane of glass viewpoint.

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Software Asset Management

Mitigate risks and challenges with a comprehensive view of your software inventory. Avoid noncompliance caused by faulty deployment. Analyze software use with a simple review of deployments and entitlements.

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Endpoint Management Healthcheck

Ensure successful outcomes for your IBM BigFix Endpoint Management implementation. Achieve better lifecycle management and regulatory compliance. Identify and fix security problems on Day Zero, while reducing costs.

Modernization Workshop

Pursue the best path toward technology modernization. Develop a modernization strategy designed for your agency’s unique mission and needs, including a roadmap of recommended solutions and a readiness assessment.

Enterprise Application Services


Force 3’s experts work with your agency to design, deploy and implement the best enterprise application solutions for its unique needs. The result? Your team can continue focusing on the mission at hand.


Force 3 offers ongoing support for agencies who need help troubleshooting problems and filling skills gaps. We understand the demands federal agencies face, including your challenges and support needs.


For organizations who need long-term, daily, onsite support, our residency services are provided by U.S. citizens with all the appropriate clearances and certifications needed to help support your mission.

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Data Sheet

Big Fix Health Check for CDM

For many agencies, the path toward a better security posture includes the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) program and the NIST* Risk Management Framework (RMF). How can you overcome shrinking budgets and fluctuating resources to comply with CDM guidelines?

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