Collaboration Challenges for Federal Agencies


With many agencies based in sprawling campuses across the globe, open and accessible collaboration solutions are needed more than ever. Those solutions must comply with ever-evolving security regulations.

Mission Assurance

Given limited resources, many agencies rely on aging communication systems and disparate collaboration tools. Achieving federal missions requires a workforce that’s empowered to collaborate and succeed.


Even the best collaboration solutions mean little if those tasked with using them lack the training and knowledge. Making the most of your collaboration investments requires employees who can and will use them to their fullest.

Our Approach

Reliable Network Access Anywhere Anytime From Any Device

For modern IT organizations, a unified, interoperable collaboration ecosystem is the key to a more productive, collaborative, secure workforce. Whether it’s a project requiring participation from people spread thousands of miles apart, a warfighter in the middle of a combat zone or a person experiencing a medical emergency in the middle of a massive campus, the right collaboration experiences increasingly mean the difference between mission success and institutional failure.

Force 3 helps clients navigate the communications and collaboration landscape to develop a comprehensive strategy complete with best-in-breed solutions and tailored to their specific missions. With the right collaboration solution, you can transform how your people and teams interact and work together. The result? An organization and employees who are empowered to succeed.

Collaboration Services


Our expert team of engineers performs a comprehensive assessment of the customer’s environment and requirements to choose and develop the best solution for their workforce and their mission.


Force 3 offers support services for agencies who need case-by-case assistance to troubleshoot IT problems, fill gaps in their existing technical capabilities and optimize the solutions in which they’ve invested.


For organizations who need long-term, daily support, our residency services are provided by highly trained U.S. citizens with all the appropriate security clearances and technology certifications.


4 Cloud Collaboration Investments You Should be Making

Cloud migration is a top priority for federal agencies, making for a rising demand for As-a-Service offerings. Meanwhile, agencies are still making large investments in traditional, onsite communications systems, with purchases ranging from specialized hardware to software licensing, endpoints and network architectures. And therein exists the problem.

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