Cloud Challenges for Federal Agencies

Legacy Technology

For federal agencies, modernization isn’t just a wish—it’s a mandate. Even so, many federal IT teams still find themselves maintaining innumerable outdated legacy applications, often at the price of agility and innovation.


At high-demand periods, federal agencies need to quickly add compute, network and storage. But procurement can be complex and time-consuming. IT teams need dynamic, flexible, easily scalable solutions.


Federal agencies are entrusted with massive amounts of mission-critical data, affecting everything from public health to national security. Faced with constant threats, they have to know their IT assets are secure.

Our Approach

Cloud Transformation and Migration

For federal IT organizations looking to modernize, cloud is a critical step forward — particularly with the government’s cloud-first mandate and the recent passage of the Modernizing  Government Technology Act. At Force 3, we’re committed to helping our clients transform their infrastructure with best-in-breed cloud solutions, a Bridge to the Cloud approach and our Cloud Transformation Methodology.

First, we conduct an assessment of your applications and workloads. Next, we prioritize your applications to determine which can most quickly be transitioned to the cloud and which ones require more intensive work. We then develop a roadmap, including a plan for your cloud journey. With that plan in place, we begin preparing and optimizing your applications to run in a cloud environment. For those applications that cannot be immediately migrated to the cloud, we can help you refactor them to run in the cloud.

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Cloud Services


Our expert engineers perform a comprehensive assessment of the customer’s environment and requirements in order to choose, develop and implement the best solution for their workforce and their mission.


Force 3 offers support services for agencies who need case-by-case assistance to optimize their cloud solutions, troubleshoot IT problems and fill gaps in their existing technical capabilities.


For organizations who need long-term, daily support, our residency services are provided by highly trained U.S. citizens with all the appropriate security clearances and technology certifications.

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Overcome the Challenges of Cloud Migration

For federal agencies, cloud migration can become a monumental endeavor, especially when it comes to moving infrastructure, data and applications. Building a bridge to the cloud requires a partner with federal IT expertise and a defined methodology to simplify the process—and Force 3 can deliver.

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