Analytics Challenges for Federal Agencies

Data Siloes

Sharing data is an ongoing challenge for federal agencies, who often have disparate, siloed systems and solutions. It’s difficult to get a complete view of your data, with each agency holding different pieces of the same puzzle.

Big Data

Experts predict the digital universe will double in size every two years. That means each day, the amount of data held by federal agencies continues to grow. Consequently, valuable data goes unused, even as it proliferates.

Data Quality

Lacking a comprehensive view of their data—or a data strategy—agencies often wind up with redundant, inconsistent data. Consequently, it can prove difficult for agencies to use their data to gain additional insight into their operations.

Our Approach

The Force 3 Analytics Framework

With data proliferating at an unprecedented rate, your organization needs a big data and analytics strategy to generate better insights and enable better decision-making in mission-critical situations.

You need solutions that streamline aggregation and analysis, allowing analysts to spend more time learning from and taking action on their data. Moreover, you need the ability to integrate your analytics solutions to get a consistent, comprehensive picture of how your IT endeavors affect your agency’s overall mission.

The Force 3 Analytics Framework is designed to help federal agencies make the most of their data. We’ll work with your agency to create a strategy that ensures data integrity and positions you to put that data to work. With that strategy in place, you can better manage that data, ensure its quality and consistency, gain a more comprehensive perspective of it and discover phenomena buried deep within it.

Data Integration

Deliver high-quality data for building solid data architectures, thus providing the foundation for research analytics, and reliable decision management.

Decision Management

Gain the ability to make better, data-driven decisions with data management solutions that offer not only a current, but a historical view of your data and how it affects your mission.


Ensure better data management and compliance with governance solutions designed to ensure data quality, integrity, consistency, availability and security.

Research and Analytics

Get the greatest possible return on your data with solutions designed to help you analyze that data to discover nuances, patterns and phenomena in your data.

Analytics Services


Our experts perform a comprehensive assessment of your data landscape, application environment and mission requirements to choose, develop and implement the best analytics solution for your agency.


Force 3 offers support services for agencies who need case-by-case assistance to optimize their analytics solutions, troubleshoot IT problems and fill gaps in their existing technical capabilities.


For organizations who need long-term, daily support, our residency services are provided by highly trained U.S. citizens with all the appropriate security clearances and technology certifications.


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