NextGov: No Better Time for Software Orchestration

By Force 3

As agencies look to modernize, software orchestration offers an opportunity to make sure all their software is working together.

Orchestration has arrived. It’s not about whether you choose to adopt it, it’s about when and how. With modernization requirements looming, we’re at a pivot point at which implementing orchestration can be done with relative ease. Take advantage of this opportunity to reduce risk and increase innovation before it disappears.

It makes sense: All of your software should work together. And, once implemented, software automation and orchestration can help IT systems work like a dream. But getting started can feel like a nightmare.

Much like a clock or a car, the inner workings of orchestration are far more complicated than the outside lets on. Retroactively building the process into a codified system is daunting, to say the least.

The good news is that as today’s federal agencies work to meet modernization requirements, they’re also reexamining the bigger picture of their security architecture. This, in turn, creates an opportunity to implement orchestration at the outset of their modernization endeavors. Finding a place for software orchestration at the beginning of the funnel creates efficiencies that lighten the workload now and down the road.

Orchestration reduces the margin of error to almost zero and enables much faster turnaround. When you tie together subsystems in a predictable, consistent manner, you reduce the risk that anything gets dropped in transit. Even if your organization already has a very low error rate, those errors scale with time, especially in larger organizations. In this way, orchestration becomes increasingly valuable the longer it’s used, exponentially (and passively) reinforcing your security posture as time goes by.

In this article for NextGov, Force 3’s vice president of sales engineering Greg Kushto discusses how federal IT teams can capitalize on software orchestration to lighten their workloads and create more efficiencies.

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