Assessment Services

Your internal network specialists are the backbone of your IT organization. But with so many routine IT functions absorbing their time and effort—whether it’s equipment maintenance or issue resolution—making room for long-range, strategic efforts can be a challenge. Even so, reviewing your current technology infrastructure to anticipate changes and identify potential risks are integral to sustaining your network. Force 3 provides complete network and security assessment services. Our senior engineers meet with your team on-site to review your technology assets and identify potential shortcomings. We analyze existing technologies in detail, connect to your network for a first-hand look at your infrastructure, review existing documentation and meet with key stakeholders to devise actionable findings.

Network engineers work with complex technologies on a daily basis. When analyzing and maintaining the equipment supporting your network, your specialists are typically focused on day-to-day technical issues:

What isn’t working today? What issues require resolution? How can I make an improvement?

IT teams focused on routine network events often deal with:

  • Reoccurring network issues
  • Security breaches
  • Inadequate network security
  • End-of-life network infrastructure technology
  • Latency or network routing issues interfering with tasks

You need a full, comprehensive, expert assessment to ensure your network’s health and security.

Serving as a second set of eyes, Force 3’s assessment services team works with your organization to look beyond the expected, identify essential areas of improvement and provide actionable feedback to your team. We’re here to identify how you can make your technology work smarter and strengthen your organization’s security posture before a breach occurs.

Force 3

Comprehensive assessment for the results you deserve

Force 3 is the Network Security Company, with the experience you need to guarantee the most comprehensive, insightful, high-quality network assessment possible. Our engineers possess the highest certifiable level of expertise across a broad array of technologies. Your network team can expect a complete, five-phase approach that blends improvement and remediation solutions with quality and efficiency—everything you need for the outcomes you deserve, including:

Proven technical expertise.

Force 3’s certified engineers work directly with our partners to train in unified communications, enterprise networks, security and data centers. With multiple CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professionals), CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetworking Experts) and CWNE® (Certified Wireless Network Professional) certified network experts, you can trust our team to conduct an assessment using industry-leading best practices.

Constant attention to federal compliance.

With 25 years of serving government clients, Force 3 offers a wealth of knowledge and resources for clients with federal requirements to meet. We approach every customer relationship with a security-oriented mindset, ensuring total compliance and success.

A partnership focused on maximizing resources.

At Force 3, we see mobility as a system. We strive to help your organization securely implement mobility, not only as a means of accommodating devices but as a strategy for enhancing overall productivity.

Professionals you can depend on.

With 25 years of networking experience, Force 3 offers a wealth of resources and industry expertise—even after deployment. Our SupportPlus Service Desk is manned by industry experts and available to you 24/7.