May 7th, 2018

Software Asset Management

Without a clear and accurate picture of their software inventory, agencies may find themselves over-deployed and subsequently vulnerable to compliance audits, large and unbudgeted reconciliation payments, fines and even potential legal action. Other organizations may find themselves under-deployed, thus failing to achieve the expected return on their investment. Consequently, they find themselves paying maintenance and support fees on unused software.

The solution

Force 3’s Software Asset Management (SAM) service helps clients mitigate these risks and challenges by delivering a clear, cohesive picture of their entire software inventory and usage.

With a detailed inventory report, we help agencies identify what software they have installed, which products are used most and which ones are not leveraged at all. A simple reconciliation is performed to review deployments and entitlements, which gives the agency a high-level picture of software usage.

At the beginning of every SAM engagement, Force 3 sits down with the customer to review their software environments and recommend the best approach—a critical component that sets the foundation for this service.

Once a strategy is defined, a Force 3 engineer establishes the customer-specific rules and profiles, executes the processes to collect the data and reports on the desired software metrics.

Force 3 experts can also help clients with additional configurations, guide them through the process and help them interpret the results. Deeper investigation allows us to uncover gaps, assist with optimization and deliver the results needed for compliance reporting. After data collection and analysis is completed, Force 3’s Software Adoption Manager can also work with the client to develop an ongoing license management plan and an immediate compliance approach.


In 2014, Congress passed the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act (commonly referred to as FITARA) to help federal agencies reduce IT waste, make more informed IT purchasing and management decisions and, ultimately, reform how technology is implemented and used throughout the U.S. Federal Government. One of the most important pieces of the legislation is the annual FITARA scorecard, which grades agencies based on their progress.

When the House Oversight Committee released the most recent scorecard results In November 2017, it was clear there was much work to be done and many improvements to be made. According to the scorecard:

Only 3 agencies improved their scores

15 agencies made no improvement

6 agencies actually had their scores go down

70% of agencies scored an F in software management

Force 3’s SAM service supports FITARA compliance and the MEGABYTE Act of 2016, mandated by the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The mandate requires all federal agencies to regularly report on organization-wide software licensing. Software Asset Management from Force 3 helps agencies remain constantly in an audit-ready state and thus well-positioned to avoid compliance issues and unbudgeted reconciliation payments.


At Force 3, we’re committed to helping our clients maximize their technology investments to get the best possible outcomes. That’s why our Software Asset Management service is backed by our IS0:9001-certified 5-Phase Service Delivery Methodology, along with Force 3’s Software Management Methodology. The result? Services designed specifically with each individual client’s needs and mission in mind.


In an increasingly networked world, your organization thrives or falters by the strength of its IT infrastructure. Your mission depends on the technology behind it. Between rapidly changing technology, constantly evolving security threats and the countless people who depend on your agency, you need that technology to be resilient, efficient, reliable and secure. From networking to security, storage and collaboration, Force 3 provides secure IT solutions and services for clients who demand value, efficiency and reliability.

With more than 27 years spent serving federal agencies, Force 3 offers a wealth of knowledge and resources, along with an unwavering commitment  to compliance, best practices and optimal outcomes. Together with our parent company Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc., we offer a comprehensive range of solutions and services backed by an expert team of engineers and the highest levels of partnership with leading manufacturers. From design to deployment, support and maintenance, our technology solutions and services are designed with a constant focus on supporting our customers’ missions. Your success is our top priority—and we don’t succeed unless you do.


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