February 28th, 2013

Force 3 Makes Headlines at Newseum with Launch of New Services Initiative, SupportPlus!

On February 27, we held our official launch at the Newseum for SupportPlus and the guest list was full with attendees from Cisco and Force 3 customers!

We got a chance to showcase our new services brand, SupportPlus. The new services initiative will encompass all of Force 3’s managed services & Cisco product support. Cisco product support will be called SupportPlus for Cisco, an authorized and accredited program by Cisco that gives customers access to customized support offerings beyond what SMARTnet has to offer. Force 3 and Cisco shared their excitement when representatives from both companies spoke.

Chris Knotts, Force 3’s Chief Technology Officer, kicked off the event with a welcome and summary of the benefits of our SupportPlus. It is Force 3’s mission to develop new ways to support our customers’ IT infrastructure. SupportPlus can deliver customized features and benefits that go beyond SMARTnet, including asset management, security-cleared engineers, and support knowledge base for customers.

Force 3 had the pleasure of Rob Rosa, Cisco Director of Field Operations, praise the Partner Support Services program that powers SupportPlus for Cisco.

Force 3 has been one of our valued partners over the last 20 years. As Cisco begins to evolve, we also need to take our partners with us. With PSS, Partner Support Services, the theory has been we are going to let our partners have our intellectual property, have the capabilities that our TAC engineers possess, and be able to get closer to their customers, explains Rob Rosa as he describes Cisco’s reasons for developing the program behind SupportPlus for Cisco. [Cisco] is looking forward to Force 3 leading the charge with this offering. They are the first solution reseller in the Public Sector to come out with this program and from a Cisco perspective we are extremely excited. I fully support it, and I give my endorsement.

Last to speak was Jason Parry, Force 3’s Unified Communications Practice Director, who will be leading the SupportPlus services team here at Force 3. He is excited to be able to deliver this program while powering it with Force 3 consulting services.

SupportPlus and we have aligned these two groups. So when a customer calls, they get an engineer that may have deployed their solution or an engineer with a deep specialization in that particular issue. We are now able to get closer with that customer and address issues that arise more quickly.

The event was a huge success as we wrapped up with some refreshments and VIP tours of the Newseum. The only thing we love more than new service announcements is making headlines with your IT success! Let us know how SupportPlus and Force 3 can help your organization do something great.