June 22nd, 2011

Force 3 Joins VMware Ready Program

Recently VMware announced the expansion of their VMware Ready Program that will provide customers validated desktop virtualization solution architectures that meet VMware’s functional and scalability requirements and are delivered by qualified VMware solution providers. Force 3 is honored to be one of two partners selected to this program, with our teleworker architecture designed with the federal teleworker in mind.

The Force 3 teleworker architecture for remote user support is based upon the Force 3 VDI reference architecture. This teleworking architecture simplifies end-user support and management by utilizing zero-client hardware and a pre-configured VPN router.

Key highlights of the Force 3 telework architecture includes:

  • Security – The use of zero client hardware means that valuable data never leaves the data center. The PCoIP zero client does not store any data locally and is used solely as a graphical interface. With View 4.6, PCoIP protocol also supports SmartCard redirection, which is of importance for most of Federal agencies with increasing adaption of the HSPD12 directive mandating smart card login. Multi-layer security mechanisms will provide additional protection by limiting which devices can connect to the VPN router, and will allow only PCoIP protocols to travel over the VPN tunnel. In all, zero clients and the Cisco ISE security management architecture provide best-in-class security for remote access solutions.
  • Ease of management and reduced support – Components can be managed via a web-based console for simplified central management of thousands of teleworkers. The proposed solution allows zero touch provisioning. The VPN routers can be configured from a central configuration server minimizing manual intervention and reducing deployment costs. Using both the VPN router and zero-client hardware agencies can dramatically reduce support requirements.
  • Ease of Use by End-Users – The use of zero clients with a centrally managed VPN router allows for simple plug and play technology for end-users to setup the telework environment remotely. A one-step plug in of the WAN port to the router and the end-user gains immediate access and use of the device. The telework environment is instant on, where a user does not have to wait for their PC to boot up.

Read more about Force 3’s teleworker architecture on the VMware Ready site.