December 7th, 2017

Infographic: Disk, Hybrid or Flash Storage?

For federal agencies, today’s data explosion comes with a huge and complicated mandate: Gather data, store it efficiently and, above all, protect it. But how?

Between budgets in flux, lagging legacy IT systems and the widely discussed and ongoing IT brain drain, the odds often seem stacked against federal IT teams.

But data waits for no one—governments included—nor do today’s rapidly changing technology or the cyber criminals looking to infiltrate it. Can your agency possibly keep up? It has to, with cybersecurity and data-loss prevention playing an ever more prominent role in our national dialogue. More than ever, government agencies need smart data storage solutions that blend efficiency, value and performance.

The first step? Deciding which solution best meets your agency’s needs: all-flash, disk-based or hybrid-flash storage.

Ready to choose the best storage solution for your organization? Check out our infographic that walks you through the wide range of storage challenges faced by our clients, along with the different options available to solve those challenges.