May 16th, 2014

Commerce Dept Taps 5 Small Businesses for $150M Network Equipment Vehicle

The U.S. Commerce Department has awarded positions on a potential five-year, $150 million blanket delivery order to five small businesses for network equipment and maintenance services.

Commerce aims to save up to $25 million in costs over the next five years and centralize its contract award processes through the BDO, the department said in a Wednesday blog post.

Forty-percent of all Commerce Department contracts, or $4 billion total, went to small businesses last year, according to the agency.

Awardees for this new order include:

  • FCN
  • Force 3
  • Intelligent Decisions
  • Iron Bow
  • Red River

In a separate announcement, Force 3 said all 12 of the department‰’s operating units will be able to purchase information technology hardware through the BDO.