September 6th, 2017

Attack of the Endpoint Invaders: Malware vs. Cisco AMP

Every minute of every hour of every day, hackers use malware to attack federal endpoints. The statistics are alarming:

Every 40 seconds, a ransomware attack occurs.

700,000 taxpayer accounts were compromised in the 2015 hack of the IRS website.

43% of IT professionals surveyed said laptops posed the biggest endpoint threat.

81% of IT professionals surveyed said negligent employees were the biggest endpoint security threat.

The No. 1 delivery for malware? Email attachments.

Poor patching and an ever-growing attack surface only make for a tougher battle. Meanwhile, malware grows increasingly sophisticated, employing an average of 10 evasion techniques per sample. With massive amounts of data to protect and more connected devices than ever, security teams have more ground to cover than ever. But you can’t fight what you can’t see. How can you get the visibility, threat detection and insights you need to stay a step ahead of tomorrow’s threats?

In the fight against malware and endpoint security threats, you have to know your enemy. Keep reading to learn more about malware — including how to fight it. (Click infographic to enlarge.)