GCN: How to leverage containers for cloud migration

By Force 3

With the recent passage of the Modernizing Government Technology Act, federal agencies have a unique opportunity to modernize their legacy infrastructure. As a result, many agencies have a new top priority in their modernization endeavors. What is it? Cloud migration — including the transitioning of legacy applications to the cloud.

Although cloud migration appears daunting, it shouldn’t cause panic. Regardless of how challenging it may seem, there are technologies and best practices to help ease the.

One of the most effective cloud technologies agencies should consider are containers. After all, this technology offers agencies numerous benefits including cloud provider flexibility, an efficient transition, cost savings, an environment for DevOps and a clear path to modernization.

Undeniably, with a high-level understanding of current applications and the level of effort required to modernize them, agencies can create a strategy for their modernization journey.

Containers, as with any new technology, come with their own set of challenges. But, for forward-thinking CIOs, containers present an exciting opportunity to revolutionize and streamline the cloud migration process. Meanwhile  saving time and headaches along the way.

In his article for GCN, “How to Leverage Containers for Cloud Migration,” Charles Fullwood — senior director of the software practice at Force 3 — explains  how enterprise-class containers can help federal agencies achieve the smoothest possible cloud migration.

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