On May 14th Force 3 and Cisco sponsored a webcast hosted by FCW.com. The webcast focused on Next-Generation Security and featured a presentation by Mike Echols, Director of the Cyber Joint Program Management Office of the Department of Homeland Security and a roundtable discussion featuring Greg Kushto, Security Director for Force 3 and Peter Romness, Cybersecurity Programs Leads for Cisco.

Mike Echols opened up the webcast by discussing how to strengthen our current and next-generation cybersecurity and communication ecosystems for the future how recent Executive Orders to build and manage new Information Sharing and Analysis Center/Organization Models (ISAC/ISAO) will be successful with emerging next-generation security technologies.

Along with Mike, Greg Kushto and Peter Romness expanded on this discussion by addressing various security policies, tools and tactics and explained how all of these can be utilized by enterprises to improve security of information sharing, bolster current security posture and develop more secure security practices in the future.


Key Discussion Points Included:

  • Advantages of implementing a cybersecurity framework
  • Emerging technologies that are poised to secure cybersecurity information sharing and current technologies that can be better utilized to improve cybersecurity posture.
  • How collective intelligence technology can help manage the security of your enterprise and how automation can help cybersecurity experts better serve their customers.
  • The role of Big Data Analytics in cybersecurity and threat information sharing
  • The benefits next-generation cybersecurity will have protecting personal data, intellectual property.
  • How security professionals can better share security data internally, to help drive better adoption of security goals.
  • Retrospective protection and how customers can benefit from this capability.


To hear what Mike, Greg and Peter had to say about these topics and more, click here to listen to the full audio of the webcast from FCW

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