In an evermore threatening cybersecurity landscape, how can organizations protect themselves from one of the greatest security risks of all: The Insider Threat.

Did you know?

66% of cyber attacks in 2015 were carried out by insiders.

74% of organizations feel vulnerable to insider threats, but only 42% have appropriate controls in place to prevent them.

69% of enterprise security executives reported experiencing attempted data theft or corruption over a 12-month period between 2015 and 2016.

Today it’s harder than ever to see who’s on your network and what they’re doing. Armed with legitimate credentials and familiar faces, insider threats are particularly challenging: They blend into your network environment, often raising no red flags until it’s too late.

How can your organization identify and fight back against insider threats? Check out our SlideShare, “Tales of Cyber Defense: Stealthwatch vs. The Legion of Insider Threats.”


Tales of Cyber Defense: Stealthwatch vs. the Legion of Insider Threats 

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