It started in 1971, with a relatively harmless virus called Creeper.

Creeper was quickly defeated with a rival program called reaper, which simply deleted the virus: Case closed.

But in the years that followed, malware (and the hackers who wield it) kept getting smarter … and more dangerous. And the Malware Universe grew.

Spear phishing. Zero-day attacks. Ransomware. Today’s hackers increasingly target individual endpoints in their efforts to penetrate your organization’s network. And with the attack service growing and hackers becoming more sophisticated, even the toughest firewalls and latest antivirus aren’t always a match for modern malware.

• 4,000 ransomware attacks occur daily in the U.S.

• 21 million American citizens were affected by the 2015 network breach of the Office of Personnel Management.

• 43% of IT professionals surveyed believe laptops pose the biggest endpoint threat, followed by smartphones at 30%, tablets at 19% and USB memory sticks at 6%. 

Your network needs an endpoint hero–a solution backed by the latest threat intelligence, one that protects not only against ongoing attacks, but that also helps you identify and respond to potential threats in real-time, before they spiral out of control.

Every villain and hero alike has an origin story. Check out our SlideShare to learn more about the origins of malware and how the right endpoint security solution can help you defeat it.

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