VMware View: High Performance, Highly Manageable Desktop Infrastructures for U.S. Federal Agencies

By Mosa Emamjomeh

It is with great privilege that I announce the release of a VMware/Force 3 joint white paper: “VMware View: High-Performance, Highly Manageable Desktop Infrastructures for U.S. Federal Agencies” ! This paper was a joint effort between Force 3 and VMware, and the brain child of the extremely smart and talented Sam Lee. It focuses on the Reference Architecture created by Force 3, and highlights some of its performance capabilities and benefits. If you’re not familiar with our Reference Architecture, you can download our White Paper here. It was a lot of fun being a part of this paper, and running through the benchmarking in our Customer Innovation Center! Unfortunately, a few of us caught the “benchmarking bug” and as a result we spent many sleepless nights behind our monitors fueled by coffee and a relentless desire to push the boundaries of the RA. I would like to point out one of the things we’ve learned in our lab – which you may potentially run into under certain circumstances in normal environments.

  • DHCP leases – In our lab, we had to start and stop the deployment of hundreds of VM’s that would each lease an IP address. As a result, we would run out of IP’s in our scope. One of the resolutions was to reduce the lease time and manually delete the reservations.

If you’d like to see the Reference Architecture in action, please check out our video on youtube!