Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure

The world is changing, and the way people work is changing along with it. During the 2011 National Telework Week, nearly 40,000 people participated by teleworking an average of two days, and 80% of those were federal workers. Collectively, the group saved $2.7 million in commuting costs, and more importantly, gained back 148,000 hours by not commuting. In fact one study found that of the hours saved, 60% of them were spent focused on work.

Force 3’s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution offers a secure, affordable way to accelerate your teleworking initiative. We help commercial enterprises and federal agencies explore the idea of VDI:

VMware and Force 3 have positioned ourselves to be the go-to resource for your planning. Most recently, VMware certified our teleworking solution as “VMware Ready,” meaning that we are the go-to company for federal agencies interested in accelerating their telework initiatives with VDI.

Force 3 has also worked with VMware on a white paper entitled VMware View: High Performance, Highly Manageable Desktop Infrastructures for U.S. Federal Agencies. The paper is based on Force 3′s VDI Reference Architecture that we have developed and rigorously tested. The RA combines industry-standard, enterprise-ready hardware to create a virtual desktop solution that maintains cost-effectiveness and meets performance benchmarks that will satisfy any end-user.

Force 3 recently partnered with Citrix for XenDesktop solution.

With Citrix XenDesktop®, you can securely deliver individual Windows, web and SaaS applications, or full virtual desktops, to PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones, laptops and thin clients—all with a high-definition user experience. The Force 3 VDI solution with XenDesktop® uses virtualization technology and cloud computing to provide users with virtual desktops rather than isolated, traditional desktops. This approach achieves greater desktop manageability, security, and standards compliance.