Data Center

Redskins fullback Mike Sellers is all about using more power.  Force 3 is all about using power too, but using less of it to do more.  Sound familiar?  Let’s face it: you’re being asked to do more with less, too.  You have an increasing workforce, but no more space, and your end users are demanding more efficient, effective ways of doing business, but you feel like your budget is decreasing by the minute.

Our data center team takes the time to learn about all the latest technologies so they can bring them to you.  We’ve been recognized by partners, manufacturers and industry leaders for our innovative approach to data center initiatives:

Cloud First for VDI:

Force 3 has partnered with Cisco, NetApp, and Citrix to offer our Cloud First for VDI solution for organizations. This solution includes the technology and support that will provide a cost-effective approach to accessing data swiftly, while meeting the demands of accessibility, high-quality performance and security.

Force 3’s Cloud First for VDI is a solution for a cloud platform that includes all the necessary components to stand up a system built on a NetApp FlexPod architecture with Cisco UCS for a Citrix XenDesktop workload.

  • Ease of procurement – Single SKU for complete solution (available on SEWP)
  • We took the guesswork out – Faster implementation with reduced risk and cost
  • It grows with you – Scalable solution from 500 to 10,000 users and beyond

Click on the pictures or here to download your version of Cloud First for VDI catalog for Federal or Federal Healthcare now!

Disaster Recovery Solutions: Your number one objection to a disaster recovery solution: the cost.  Your number one reason for implementing a disaster recovery solution: 50% of companies that lose data from a disaster go out of business within two years. At Force 3, we specialize in customer Disaster Recovery and COOP solutions. With every engagement we assess the current state of your process and requirements to produce a custom, tailor-made solution for your data center.

Exchange Server 2010 Upgrades: Are you stuck running Microsoft Exchange Server 2003?  Let us help you (and your end-users) enjoy the ease of business that comes with the enhanced high-availability features in Exchange 2010.

Big Data Storage Solutions: As Coach Turgeon knows, today’s fast-paced world needs technology that can keep up with it.   We know that your IT environment is complex, to say the least.  Your storage requirements alone add complexity: you’ve got large files, specialized data, regulations and green initiatives galore that make them a huge piece of your data center puzzle.  Force 3 can help you make sense of it all and build efficient, scalable solutions that will bring you a little sanity in this complex world.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: The world is changing, and the way people work is changing with it.  During a recent National Telework Week, nearly 40,000 people participated by teleworking an average of two days, and 80% of those were federal workers.  Studies found that of the hours saved by NOT commuting, employees spent 60% of them focused on work.  How’s that for increased productivity?  Force 3′s Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for teleworking, recently awarded VMware Ready status, offers a secure and affordable way to accelerate your teleworking initiative.