Communications & Collaboration

If you’re Joey Chestnut, you eat a lot of chicken wings.  And hot dogs.  And asparagus.  Yep, in 2005, Joey’s first contest victory came after eating 6.3 pounds of the deep-fried vegetable in 11.5 minutes.  But while Force 3 does love to eat (have you heard about our Burger Barns?), we’re also all about building collaboration and communications solutions that help you succeed.

Because collaboration is more than enabling better communication. That’s just the start. It’s ultimately about enabling us to work together to achieve a common goal no matter where we are located, what culture we are from, or what language we speak. Reaching these goals depends heavily on effective communication, the wisdom of crowds, the open exchange and analysis of ideas, and the ability to execute on those ideas.

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Force 3’s Communication and Collaboration Portfolio:

In our dynamic world, effective collaboration is critical. Workforces are mobile, teams are globally dispersed, and competition is extreme. Force 3 recognizes that the way employees and customers collaborate is constantly evolving. Our solutions enable and empower your team to connect in new ways they never thought possible.

“50% of our employees are mobile. We have difficult time connecting with these employees.”

Enable seamless, secure communication from any device for mobile employees through Unified Mobility.

“We want to better understand our customers’ needs and provide them the right information as quickly as possible.”

Drive customer intimacy through better, more available communication in the form that they choose with Unified Contact Center.

“I receive over 200 emails and voice mails per day that I need to quickly respond to.”

Manage the flow of information and messages through a single interface with Unified Messaging.

“Our organization is geographically dispersed. How can I understand where my team is and how I can best reach them?”

Why Choose Force 3?

We know that not all networks are created equally. Our collaboration team has extensive industry experience developing, deploying, and supporting collaboration solutions. Some of our collaboration competencies include:

-     The Force 3 Borderless Collaboration Suite, a pilot program to get you started on your mobility strategy.

-    Cisco Unified Communications on Unified Computing System (Virtualization of UC)

-    DoD compliance issues and accreditation
-    VoIP readiness assessments
-    Contact Center / Customer Care
-    Cisco / Tandberg TelePresence
-    Telecommunications cost reduction
-    Secure Unified Mobility
-    Cisco Virtual Office (Teleworking)
-    Communications Infrastructure Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
-    Conferencing Solutions