DISA Network STIG Assesment

Every three years, your DoD network must go through a Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) to ensure STIG requirements are being adhered to. These STIG guidelines are designed to outline the security vulnerabilities that DoD networks are required to address. The guidelines are numerous, so we’ve listed a few of the most common infractions of which you may be unknowingly violating, and the correlating STIG vulnerability category (CAT I-IV).

While the severities of the categories vary, noncompliance with any of them means you are putting your network at severe risk. So if you struggle to answer, or can’t answer any of the following questions Force 3’s experts are prepared to help:

  • Did you know that SNMPv3 is the only authorized version on DoD networks? (CAT I infraction)
  • Did you know that your network devices need to point to more than one NTP server and that the traffic between them needs to be encrypted? (CAT II infraction)
  • Did you know that unused switch ports must be placed in a quarantined VLAN? (CAT III infraction)
  • When was the last time you checked the security vulnerabilities of your iOS code? (CAT II infraction)
  • Are you aware that using the default VLAN in your network puts your data at risk? (CAT II infraction)
  • Did you know that the user accounts on your network device must be assigned the lowest privilege level? (CAT I infraction)

What’s our process?

Force 3 takes a comprehensive, phased approach to your STIG compliance. Here’s how we go about it: