Service Delivery Approach

Force 3’s “no surprises” approach to service delivery is based on our proven expertise combined with Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices. This consistent, comprehensive process ensures the success of our implementations and the satisfaction of our customers.

  • Evaluate and Assess – We work closely with you to assess and understand organizational and technical requirements.
  • Plan – A project management plan is established, detailing a timeline and quality assurance activities to ensure success.
  • Design – We develop a detailed design for the IT solution that best meets your objectives and business requirements. Then we test and validate it in our Customer Innovation Center (CIC) prior to implementation to ensure it meets your needs.
  • Implement – We deploy, configure, integrate and fully document your solution into your environment according to the project plan and design specifications.
  • Test & Train – We ensure that the solution is fully operational and functional, then provide comprehensive, hands-on training for both users and IT administrators.