Customer Innovation Center

The Force 3 Customer Innovation Center (CIC) is a dynamic facility designed to offer an environment that combines multi-technology platforms with the right people, expertise and knowledge. Force 3 customers utilizing the CIC are able to conduct intelligent prototyping of IT solutions in order to mitigate risks and accurately assess investments before they are allocated.

How do our customers benefit from a visit to the CIC?

  • It reduces risk by assuring successful integration of your technology project
  • It accelerates the solution development process
  • It reduces the cost of your technology deployment through utilization of repeatable solution components

Why do our customers use the CIC?

  • Technology Integration & Prototyping
  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Creation of Organizational IT Road Maps

What solution areas are featured in our CIC?

  • Cisco’s Unified Computing System
  • Unified Communications & Applications
  • Data Center & Virtualization Technologies
  • Wireless & Mobility Technologies
  • Self Defending Network Technology via a Layered Security Architecture

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