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The NASA SEWP GWAC (Government-Wide Acquisition Contract) provides the latest in Information Technology (IT) products for all Federal Agencies. The statutory authority allowing usage of the SEWP contracts by the entire Federal Government is NASA’s designation as an Executive Agent by OMB based on the Information Technology Management Reform Act (ITMRA) of 1996, now the Clinger Cohen Act.

Fair Opportunity

Fair Opportunity

FAR 16.505(b)(1) provides that each contractor shall be given a fair opportunity to be considered for each order exceeding $3,000 issued under multiple Delivery Order contracts. The FAR states that the method to obtain fair opportunity is at the discretion of the CO and that the CO must document the rationale for placement and price of each order. The SEWP online Class Search/RFQ tool is provided to assist in this activity and to augment the required decision documentation required by FAR 16.505(b). The search capability will provide a summary comparison of the requirements based on part numbers. The SEWP RFQ tool will automatically include the vendors within a selected class in the RFQ/search process. The RFQ tool will e-mail an RFQ to the vendors with various options for a reply. Please bear in mind that fair opportunity is only required within a specific class, and not across all classes.

Who Can Use SEWP IV

The SEWP IV contracts are for use by NASA, all Federal agencies and authorized support services federal agency contractors. Contracting officers considering authorizing support service contractors should review the policy at FAR 51.101 , and any agency specific guidance or policy, to make the appropriate determination and written finding which supports issuance of the authorization, as required by FAR 51.102 and FAR 51.107. (For NASA contracting officers, additional guidance is provided in the NASA Far Supplement at Subpart 1851.) Authorized contractors must comply with the requirements at FAR 51.103.

To authorize a contractor to purchase from the SEWP contracts, the authorizing contracting officer should send a copy of the authorization letter to the SEWP Program Office containing all of the following information:

  • Authorizing Agency Name, Contracting Officer (CO) Name, Mailing Address, Phone/FAX number Complete contractor corporate name, division, and address.
  • Contract number and period of performance
  • A statement that the contractor is authorized to purchase from SEWP contracts in support of the above contract.
    The CO’s signature and date signed.

Mail original letters to the SEWP Program Office:

SEWP Program Office
Aerospace Building
10210 Greenbelt Road
Suite #200
Lanham, MD 20706
Phone: (301) 286-0317

To avoid a delay in processing the first order, advanced copies of the authorization letter may be faxed to 301-286-0317, prior to issuing the first order. Upon approval of the authorization letter by the NASA SEWP Contracting Officer, the contractor’s name and contract information will be added at the Approved Contractors web page.

Force 3

Force 3 is a leading information technology solutions provider, delivering strategic and financial value to businesses and government agencies through high-performing, secure and wireless unified communication networks and highly-skilled services, including network management, help desk and application support.

Force 3’s headquarters is located in Crofton, Maryland, just minutes to historic Annapolis, close to Washington, Baltimore and Maryland’s beautiful Eastern Shore. Only 17 minutes from NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt.

Why Use Force 3?

Force 3 began as a product reseller to U.S. Government agencies, and has since evolved into a premier provider of professional services and internetworking solutions. We have developed unique expertise in providing custom solutions to government agencies and commercial customers, and the company’s focus has enabled Force 3 to demonstrate the ability to deliver high value-added services to clients at the nexus of cutting-edge of products and services.

Our goal is that every part of your experience with us is hassle-free. Throughout Force 3’s 15 years of industry experience, we have developed standardized processes and support mechanisms to provide end-to-end customer care. Force 3 has established ISO standard policies in our quoting process to ensure that all: 1) resultant orders meet customer requirements and are entered properly into our ordering system 2) purchased product is shipped and received, meeting or exceeding customer expectations and 3) that any deviation from the standard process is recognized, addressed and resolved. These procedures apply to all Force 3 personnel involved with quoting, ordering, quality management, shipping and customer service.

Contract Number: NNG07DA18B

Term: Effective Through April 30, 2014

Fees: 0.45%

Delivery: 30-45 days ARO

Shipping: FOB Destination

Contracting Officer:
LaShawn Davis

Completing the Standard Form 279

Ordering Address:
Force 3, Inc.
2151 Priest Bridge Dr.
Crofton, MD 21114
Attn: SEWP IV Program Manager

Remittance Address:
Force 3, Inc.
PO Box 79464
Baltimore, MD 21279-0464

How to Obtain a Quote for Products and Services

You can request your quote directly from the SEWP Bowl or call one of the Force 3 sales representatives for assistance. The SEWP online Quote Request Tool is the method recommended by the NASA SEWP Program Office for obtaining SEWP Quotes.

Issuing a Delivery Order

Send your SEWP Delivery Order to the NASA SEWP BOWL either via fax at 301-286-0317 or email to The SEWP fax cover sheet, or similar form providing contact information, should accompany all orders.

Order Tracking and Delivery

Once your order is received at Force 3 from the SEWP Bowl, you receive e-mail notifications as the delivery order moves from order edit, purchasing and shipping. We keep you informed of your order status throughout the process. That is our guarantee.

Installation, Basic Warranty, Extended Warranty, Technical Support and Software Support

Force 3 has engineers across multiple disciplines to provide on-site installation and support.

Basic warranty offerings are specific to each manufacturer’s product.

Extended warranty can be purchased anytime during the standard commercial warranty period. The extended warranty provides coverage for 12, 24 or 36 months after its initial start date, regardless of the commercial warranty period. The extended warranty coverage depends on the option purchased from the product manufacturer.

Each product manufacturer maintains a technical support team to assist with product problem reports on products under basic warranty and extended warranty and assist the user toward timely resolution of the reported problem.

Force 3 Help Desk

Force 3 established a 24X7 help desk to support our customers through our toll-free support line at 1-888-711-0204. The option for SEWP is #3. The voice hotline is operational 24X7. A customer service representative receives calls during business hours and our engineer on duty receives calls after hours, holidays and weekends. If you need help that does not require immediate attention, Force 3 also accepts e-mails to f3helpdesk@force We are always here to serve you.

Force 3 SEWP IV Points of Contact

Payment Information
Payment terms — Net 30 days from date of the Government receipt of acceptance

Payment Address:
Force 3, Inc.
2151 Priest Bridge Drive
Crofton, MD 21114

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