Our People

Let’s Do Something Great!

At Force 3, we never forget that our ultimate customer is an actual person, someone sitting in front of the computer screen or standing in the data center, with a job to do. We understand the importance and the difficulty of that job, of what our customers are striving to achieve as people, not just users of technology. So, we prefer English to geek speak. We answer your questions a little faster, spend a little longer with you on the phone or at your site, work a little harder at building the kind of relationships that will help us design better network solutions.

We don’t just hire bright people. We hire bright people who can communicate effectively. People who understand that their job is to help you do yours. Take a moment to meet a few:

Jon Kim: Director of Peace and Security

Peace of mind. Seems like such a simple phrase, right? These days it’s a little tougher to manage our nation’s security, but as Force 3’s Security Practice Director, Jon and his team of passionate security experts make it a point to create innovative, unique solutions that achieve our customers’ end goals. And, they help keep our kids safe while they’re sleeping…which is a nice thought in the crazy, hectic world we live in.


Chris Knotts: VP of Stuff You Don’t Understand

As Chief Technology Officer, Chris is responsible for making technology disappear. “Huh?” you say? “That doesn’t seem like a very good business decision for a technology company.” Well, in our minds, technology is about the people it’s taking care of, not the speeds and feeds. And Chris’s job is to make sure that our clients can keep the promises technology makes…he said it best: “we draw the straightest line between technology and people.”


Sudhir Verma: The “Vermanator,” Consulting Services Machine

As head of our consulting services division, this guy is tasked with making sure our customers are, well, great. Or, as he likes to put it, he and his team of engineers enable change and transformation. They make lives a little bit easier by analyzing a problem and finding the best solution that will make our clients successful. Because at the end of the day, it’s all about doing something great.