Our Foundation

Force 3 employees aren’t the type of people who show up to the office to simply punch a clock. Instead, our employees and the company as a whole are engaged with our community, giving back at every opportunity. Our goal is to inspire positive change and a better quality of life for the community that has inspired us for nearly 20 years.


The Force 3 Foundation has been established to enhance the Force 3 family’s charitable efforts. As the Force 3 philanthropic anchor, the foundation is responsible for providing charitable contributions to eligible non-profit organizations who engage in worthy and meaningful activities that improve the quality of life for our community. Force 3 currently has outreach programs and fundraising efforts that engage the company, our employees and our community and corporate partners with the Children’s Cancer Foundation, Toys for Tots, Wounded Warriors, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and numerous other non-profit organizations.


Together, our desire is to transform these organizations through direct funding, employee involvement and leadership, scholarship awards, youth development and project support.

For more information about the Force 3 Foundation, our fundraising events or how you can participate, please email contactus@force3foundation.org.