At Force 3, it’s about our people, our passion and understanding the customers’ business needs that are fundamental to their progress. We take pride in fully enabling our most critical assets – our employees in an exciting, creative culture, dedicated to career development and exceeding our customers’ needs and expectations. We make conscious efforts to invest our resources and empower our amazing team with the tools needed to ensure Force 3 is THE Network Security Company.

Rocky Cintron - Chairman of the Board

Rocky Cintron founded Force 3 in 1991 with a simple vision. With the words, “develop people, power innovation, 100% customer success” echoing through the hallways, Cintron started Force 3 as a PC and networking reseller, and gradually evolved the company into the $340 million engineering and solutions innovator that it is known to be today.

Jim Bird - Vice Chairman

In 1991, Jim and Rocky founded Force 3, Inc. Over the years, Jim has fulfilled many roles, from primary engineer, COO to Vice Chairman, currently heading the Force 3 Foundation.

Jim graduated from college in 1972 after earning a B.A. in Liberal Arts. Seeking more challenging fields of study, he continued his education, attending the University of Minnesota, George Washington University and American University before pursuing the world of Computer Programming. He worked for several companies, eventually landing with Cintronix where he met Rocky Cintron, now Force 3′s Chairman of the Board.

Mike Greaney - Chief Executive Officer

Mike Greaney is Force 3's Chief Executive Officer. Having spent his entire career in the technology industry, Mike has built a reputation for efficiently growing and transforming businesses while increasing company value. Since joining Force 3 in 2009 with more than 24 years of experience, he served in progressive leadership roles, including Director, Vice President, and President. Under his leadership, Force 3 has established itself as the network security company while developing several unique service and solutions offerings. The company has been recognized with numerous performance awards from manufacturers and customers alike.

Steve Scribner - Chief Financial Officer

Steve Scribner is the Chief Financial Officer at Force 3. In this role, he is responsible for the company’s overall financial strategy, including all accounting operations and internal and external reporting.
With more than 15 years of experience overseeing the finance, accounting and tax functions of high technology and software companies, Steve has built a reputation for helping businesses to create shareholder value from scratch to strategic sale.

Jason Parry - Vice President of Client Solutions

Jason Parry joined Force 3 in 2011 and is Force 3’s VP Client Solutions. Jason is charged with creating and aligning Force 3’s Client Solutions vision with the marketplace, addressing customer needs with innovative solutions that change the way business is conducted.

Marty Calambro - Managing Director, Civilian & Commercial

Marty Calambro is the Managing Director, Civilian at Force 3. In this role, Calambro is responsible for driving the Civilian sector growth of IT solutions in the federal marketplace and Commercial sales.

Eugene Casaus - Managing Director, Department of Defense

Eugene is Force 3's Managing Director, Department of Defense. Casaus provides leadership for Force 3's DOD business unit, driving the growth of customized IT solutions to suit their customers' unique needs.

Josh Weiner - Managing Director, Federal Intelligence

Josh Weiner currently serves as Force 3's Managing Director, Federal Intelligence. In this position, Weiner leads his team in driving customized technology solutions catered to the specific needs of Federal Intelligence customers.

Jane Krauss - Vice President, Administration

Jane is the Vice President of Administration, overseeing Force 3’s Human Resources, Recruiting, Facilities and Industrial Security departments. As a part of Force 3’s Leadership Team, her primary focus is on our company’s discriminators (our employees) and ensuring Force 3 is the destination of choice.

Tammy Little - Sr. Director of Sales Operations

Tammy currently serves as Force3’s Sr. Director of Sales Operations. She has been with Force 3 since 2002, initially serving as a Sales Operations Director for 12 years. In her current role, Tammy manages Force 3’s Customer Service, Procurement and Service Renewals teams.

Joel Moore - Sr. Director of Strategic Leadership

Joel Moore, Sr. Director of Strategic Leadership, joined Force 3 in 2014 and leads Force 3’s Partner Alliances and Marketing teams. Joel is a product manager, executive marketing strategist and leader, with more than 15 years of experience increasing brand awareness and revenue in B2B, corporate and government channels. Joel has held such roles previously as Microsoft and VMWare (an EMC company).

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