Our employees are the “force” behind Force 3!

Force 3 is the network security company.  We are proud to have established great, trusted relationships with customers across all sectors of the federal government.

We understand success is a collaborative effort and truly believe in the power of synergy, not only with our customers, but within our organization.  At Force 3, we take pride in fully enabling our most critical assets – our employees – in an exciting, creative culture, dedicated to career development.

This approach has encouraged our relentless innovation of critical security, collaboration, wireless, next-generation networking solutions and so much more.

Working Here

Working at Force 3 requires a desire to make a difference. We hire people who seek more than just a “job,” but truly seek to make an impact.

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Force 3 provides a supportive learning environment, with a collaborative atmosphere, opportunities to work with and learn from the best in the business, and the resources to propel talented people on accelerated career paths.

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From Candidate to Employee

The Force 3 interview process is designed to help candidates understand our culture, our people, and their potential fit with the company.

What is Force 3's Application Process?

Force 3 uses a multi-step interview process that helps both the company and prospective employees evaluate our mutual fit.  After you complete the online application, a recruiter will carefully review your resume.  If you are selected as a potential fit, the recruiter will invite you for an initial phone interview.

If you have the skills required for the position, and we feel you could also be a good match for our team, you will be invited to a second interview. You would either speak with the hiring manager by phone or come to our office for a first-round interview.

You can expect at least two or three in-person interviews with hiring managers before a decision is made.

For some positions, we conduct a presentation or whiteboard interview in a panel interview format. This allows you to showcase your skills and highlight what you would bring to the position and the company within your first 90 days.

We encourage you to use this as an opportunity to ask many questions about the position and your potential team.

If I am offered a position, what is the pre-employment screening process?

All candidates extended offers complete reference checks, background investigations and in some instances, our facility security officer will contact you to review security clearance information. Your recruiter will then extend you the offer.

After reference checks are completed and you return your signed offer letter, our Human Resources department will also contact you to provide information for your first day.

If I'm not selected for a specific opening, will I stay on Force 3's radar for future positions?

If you are not selected for a specific position, it only indicates that you weren’t the right fit at that time. We encourage you to apply again for any other positions that interest you.