• Force 3 designs technology solutions with a relentless focus on achieving our customers’ end goals through innovative, unique solutions and highly trained, passionate people.

  • Solutions
    • Communication and Collaboration

      Communication is more critical than ever in our dynamic world. Your team is mobile and to risk losing business because they can’t be reached isn’t an option. Force 3’s experts offer solutions that help your team effectively communicate with each other and their customers. Video, mobility, teleworking…we’ve got it all covered so you’ll be connecting in ways you never thought possible and closing more business while you’re at it!

    • Borderless Networks

      Can you imagine how much easier your life would be if you were able to connect anytime, anywhere and on any devices? These days, like it or not, the world expects constant access, and Force 3 can help you deliver it. We’ll take the guesswork out of designing a network that will support your requirements and make it easier to do your job at the same time…and you’ll look like a hero to your team, your customers and your boss too!

    • Cyber Security

      Security should be everywhere, not just on the network. A little daunting, huh? Force 3 is here to help. We’ll not only help you secure your network, we’ll focus on prioritizing your assets and identifying your vulnerabilities, protecting your data (and your peace of mind) and securing your endpoints so employees don’t put you at risk.

    • Data Center

      Clouds, servers, disaster recovery, virtualization, storage...the list of what the data center is involved with is never ending. Maybe you have mandates to move to the cloud, create a greener footprint, and make sure you’ve got all of your data backed up in case of emergency. Fortunately, Force 3 offers a team of smart people to help you with all of this.  With our expertise in virtualization, disaster recovery, Exchange server and cloud solutions, we’ve got the brainpower to get your data center up and running properly.

  • Force 3 Foundation

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